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Ø 85.000
Unique Users per month
Ø 375.000
Page Impressions per month
Ø 285.000
Visits per month
Social Media & Push Follower


Thousands of visitors every day.

Sponsored Stories

  • Sponsored Story: 550€
  • Sponsored Story & Sharing on all Social Media Channels: 600€
  • 3x Sponsored Story: 1500€

All Sponsored Stories will be listed on the homepage under "Sponsored Stories".
Please note: All Stories will be delivered by the customer and they are marked with a note (e.g. advertising). Changes can be made by Coincierge.
Prices plus value added tax.

Banner Advertising

Homepage (Frontpage of Coincierge)

  • Homepage Banner (Format: 728x90px & 300x250px): 1000€ per month

Article (Banner Advertising in each Article)

  • Article Top Ad (Format: 728x90px & 300x250px): 2500€ per month
  • Article Bottom Ad (Format: 728x90px & 300x250px): 1500€ per month


  • Sidebar Top (Format: 300x250px): 1000€ per month
  • Sidebar Middle (Format: 300x250px): 750€ per month
  • Sidebar Bottom (Format: 300x250px): 500€ per month

Please note: Prices plus value added tax.

Magazine Advertising (Digital)

Full Page

  • 2 spaces available. Contact us to discuss further details.

Half Page (horizontal)

  • 2 spaces available. Contact us to discuss further details.

Quarter Page (Square)

  • 4 spaces available. Contact us to discuss further details.


Contact our sales support for inquiry.

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About the Author:

Martin Schwarz

MSc. in Wirtschaftsinformatik mit Schwerpunkt auf asymetrische Kryptographie und M2M-Kommunikation. Ich bin seit 2015 im Bereich Bitcoin und Kryptowährungen unterwegs.


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